Brass Single Duck Kumkum sindoor dabbi, Gift item (Set of 10 Piece)

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Brass Sindoor Box

Product Details: Traditional Brass Sindoor Boxe with Single Duck for Daily Use. It's a beautiful Hindu Tradition way that all Married Women wear Kumkum after getting married. It even enhances her beauty and a kind of prayer for the long life of her husband. The Brass Sindoor Box with a lid covering and stopping the sindoor from spilling out.

Place it on the center table of the drawing room or the corner table of the living room. A Brass Sindoor Box is a must-have refilling box for each married woman. It's perfect for weddings and other special occasions, in addition to regular use. Brass may develop black stains if not used often. Brass may also be cleaned easily with lemon or basic chemicals. After each usage, rinse and dry the glass with regular soap before storing it. When not in use, keep the box somewhere less moist. Brass requires no particular maintenance to keep it protected, but a simple rinse with a cotton towel after washing will keep it stain-free.

Package Contains: Set of 10 Piece

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Brass Single Duck Kumkum sindoor dabbi, Gift item (Set of 10 Piece)
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