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Brass Chains for Swing, Jhula Chain, Swing Chain Hooks and Accessories, Color - Golden. Height 71 Inches.

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Brass Chains for Swing Jhula Chain Swing Chain Set

Product Details:
 The Brass Chains for Swing by Ashtok have been intricately designed and handcrafted using the highest quality brass metal which not only provides high strength and durability but also provides an antique golden look, shine, and luster.

The Swing Chains are available in different Designs, Shapes, and Lengths to suit your needs.

For more Details or Need Help in Customerised Selection Please Call 9492412121.

Jhula Chain can also be customized according to the requirement. The Brass Jhula chain is durable, strong, and long-lasting and has a load-carrying capacity of up to 300 kg.

This Brass Jhula Chain is a collection of brass links that are traditionally shaped in the form of a Horse, Elephant, Peacock, Parrot, etc.

The brass jhula chain is ideal for hanging your jhula in your child's room, house, bedroom, sunroom, or living room. Hanging your jhula from these chains gives a charming touch to your garden, backyard, patio, lawn, deck, and garden. Versatile enough to serve a purpose while also being a one-of-a-kind work of art! As a present.

The natural way for bringing your body into a state of calm. Something about the natural swing of jhulas helps your body to relax and your mind to calm. Even after a long day, sitting or lying jhula will rock away the annoyances, irritations, and tensions, allowing you to simply rest.

Product Size: Brass Jhula Chain Height 71 Inches.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the dimensions and weights given are approximate.



Brass Chains for Swing, Jhula Chain, Swing Chain Hooks and Accessories, Color - Golden. Height 71 Inches.
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