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Brass tea pot, Brass hammered designer Tea Pot , Kettle Tin Lining Inside, Serving Tea Coffee, Tableware, Serveware

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  • Handcrafted Elegance: Our brass tea pot is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring each piece is unique and exudes timeless elegance.
  • High-Quality Brass: Crafted from premium quality brass, this tea pot is not only beautiful but also durable, promising years of use and enjoyment.
  • Traditional Design: Featuring a classic and traditional design, this tea pot adds a touch of vintage charm to your tea-serving experience.
  • Versatile Use: Not just for tea, this brass pot can also be used for serving hot water, coffee, or other beverages, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.
  • Perfect for Tea Enthusiasts: Designed with tea enthusiasts in mind, its spacious capacity allows for brewing and serving multiple cups of tea.


Brass Tea Pot / Tea Kettle

Product Details: Pure Brass Kettle in a traditionally designed. The Hammered Brass Kettle features a separately screwed handle that is not heatable. It makes the Kettle easier to handle or transport. On a residential gas burner, the Brass Kettle is ideal for cooking and brewing tea or coffee. Because brass is a good conductor of heat, using it to prepare your meal will take less time than using other metal tools. It will also keep your tea/coffee hot for a longer period. The Brass Kettle may also function as a service kettle. Because of its distinct, beautiful, and historic appearance, this Brass Kettle is also ideal for home decor. Pour a superb cup of tea from the Brass tea kettle during your next high-tea party!

A brass hammered tea kettle is a traditional style of tea kettle made from brass and featuring a hammered surface texture. The hammering technique gives the kettle a unique and rustic look and feels, adding a decorative touch to the kettle. These kettles are often handcrafted by skilled artisans and are considered to be a beautiful and elegant addition to any kitchen.

In addition to its decorative appeal, a brass hammered tea kettle is also highly functional. The kettle can be used to boil water on the stovetop or over an open flame, and the brass material has great heat retention properties, keeping the water hot for a longer period of time. The kettle's handle and spout are usually made of brass.

A brass hammered tea kettle is a great addition to any kitchen and can also be used as a decorative piece in the home. They make a great gift for someone who appreciates traditional craftsmanship and rustic design.

The best quality pure brass teapot/kettle with a designer handle is presented at Ashtok Online Store. We provide the most reasonable pricing. This Beautiful Pure Brass Teapot / Kettle with a Designer Handle may be utilized as a home décor piece or as a gift to friends and family. Also, with this fantastic decor item, you may make your house more colorful and cheery. For ages, brass teapots have been used to boil tea. They have a vintage feel to them and may add a touch of refinement to your kitchen or tea set. When it's time for tea, instead of using the microwave, invest in a tea kettle. You'll be surprised at how much better your tea tastes after doing this.

Product Capacity:  0.5 Liter,1 Liter, 2 Liter, 7 Liter

Cleaning Instructions:  Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc metals. So after some time Brass reacts with open-air or oxygen and generally gets oxidized or tarnishes and might turn black or green. Here are some ways that might help you to maintain Brass products well.  

  1. Pitambari Powder is the best and most traditional way to clean brass items. 
  2. Vinegar with a combination of Salt can be applied and cleaned otherwise the brass product to be cleaned can be immersed in a solution of vinegar and salt in boiling water.  
  3. Lemon and salt mixture can be rubbed to clean the product and salt can also be replaced with Baking Soda.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.


  • Mix a solution of warm water and mild dish soap in a bowl. Use approximately one tablespoon of dish soap for every quart of water. This mixture is gentle enough not to harm the brass but strong enough to remove dirt and tarnish.
  • Submerge your brass tea pot in the soapy water. Let it soak for about 10-15 minutes to loosen any dirt or tarnish. After soaking, use a soft cloth or sponge to gently scrub the surface. For stubborn spots, use a soft-bristle brush, but be gentle to avoid scratching the brass.
  • Once you've removed the dirt and tarnish, rinse the tea pot thoroughly with clean, warm water. Ensure there are no soap residues left behind.
  • For a natural and eco-friendly polish, mix equal parts of lemon juice or vinegar and water. Dip a soft cloth in this mixture and gently rub the brass surface. This will help remove any remaining tarnish and bring back the shine.
  • To keep your brass tea pot looking its best, clean it regularly and avoid using abrasive materials or harsh chemicals that can damage the finish. A gentle, natural cleaning routine will ensure your tea pot remains a beautiful and functional piece for years to come.


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Brass tea pot, Brass hammered designer Tea Pot , Kettle Tin Lining Inside, Serving Tea Coffee, Tableware, Serveware
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