Copper Biryani Handi with Tin Coating(Khalai) Heavy Guage

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Ashtok Copper Heavy Bottom Biryani Cooking Handi Pot. Tin Coating (Khalai) Inside It. Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel.

One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Biryani. People love and cook Biryani on all their special occasions. People around the world are familiar with this dish. It is one of the oldest and most traditional dishes we know. Many people still try to cook the conventional way, but very few know that it takes more than spices to cook a Tasty Biryani.

Product Details: The Copper Biryani Handi is round; the Handi height is shorter than regular pots. It has a hammered design on its surface. It even has a collar to lift the vessel if needed.

Colour: Reddish Brown.

Size and Capacity: Height - 7 Inches, Diameter - 15 Inches (3 Kgs), 17 Inches (5 Kgs), 19 Inches (6 Kgs), 22 Inches (10 Kgs).

Package Contains :1 Copper Biryani Handi Pot

Benefits: Copper is rustproof, it is safe, environment friendly, and recyclable, unlike iron which gets rusted with oxidation. Brass has a longer life than other metals or alloys and has zero maintenance. If properly used, it can be used for years and is a value for money.

Usage: Copper Handi are handy in the kitchens. It is best suited for frying foods and cooking rice and dishes containing rice, like Biryani Etc. These Handis are a must-have in every home.

Cleaning: These Handi get cleaned easily with dishwashing soaps. Apply the soap and leave the Handi Pot for a few minutes. After 15-20min, scrub it well, rinse away the water from a Handi Pot & Clean it with regular water 2-3 times. Follow this method whenever the Handi Pot needs cleaning.

Preservation: Handi Pot does not need any special care for its protection, but if it is rinsed with a cotton cloth after washing will keep them rust and stain-free.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.

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