Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Serving Dish Set of 5

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Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Dish Set

Product Details: Ashtok's elegant design stainless steel copper bottom Serving Dish Set / serveware set with lids. Copper at the Dish's Bottom With a very beautiful finish. Because of copper's excellent heat conductivity, copper bottom containers are used for serving. Copper serveware distributes heat more evenly than traditional pots. Because copper effectively holds heat, the food stays warm for a longer length of time, allowing you to keep it.  It can be used as a Serving dish, Serving Handi, Serving Rice, Serving Curry, and Serving biryani.

 Serving Dish has a mirror finish that makes your kitchen appear more lovely and well-decorated. It is made with heavy gauge Non-Magnetic, Rust-Free, Premium Quality Stainless Steel. This collection of topes (pots) is sturdy enough for daily use.

Package Contains: Set of 5 Dishes

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.

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Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Serving Dish Set of 5
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