Copper Irani Tea Set, Hyderabadi Irani Chai Set

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Copper Irani Chai Set for hotel ware, tea shop, and catering:

Product Details: Irani Chai Set is quite famous in Hyderabad. Ashtok is the world's leading maker and seller of Irani chai sets. The following are the product specifications:
This collection includes:

1. Copper Handa 2. Copper Dabba with Brass Tap 3. Copper Milk Patila

This set is available in three sizes: 1. For 50- 60 tea 2. For 100-120 tea 3. For 150-160 tea

At Ashtok, we utilize authentic high-quality khalai on the inside and outside of each set.

Copper handa is used for boiling tea leaves, copper Dabba is used for distributing this black tea, and copper patila is used for boiling milk. Please call to place an order; we provide a courier service.

Product Size:  50-60 Tea Cups,  100-120 Tea Cups,  140-160 Tea Cups, and 96 cups and saucer set.

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