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copper tank with tap, Copper water dispensor

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Copper Water Tank with Tap

Product Details: Ashtok Copper Matka is made of pure copper of the highest quality. Hammered is Designed to provide many years of enjoyment and usage. Always keep this copper water storage tank in your house and kitchen and drink healthy water whenever you like. This water pot is easy to clean and has a leak-proof tap at the bottom. 

Product Capacity: 4 Litres, 8 Litres, 12 Litres, and 16 Litres

Drinking water from pure copper water tanks offers a number of significant health advantages. It's said to assist with aging and weight reduction, and it's a powerful antioxidant that fights illnesses and boosts brainpower. You're just a few clicks away from looking and feeling completely different! Allow this ancient technique to give your body a fresh start.

Stunningly beautiful, highly sturdy, and well-made. Don't waste time ordering and returning poor-quality products. Allow us to provide you with the finest pure copper water pot available. Handmade, designed, and high-quality copper with a lovely shine. You have no other option except to use this water pot. Please make sure you get it correctly the first time!

Ashtok Copper Water Pot is one of a kind. In creating the water pot, we used the purest copper available and the most advanced technologies possible. Copper Water Bottles, Copper Jugs, Mugs, Handcrafted things, Home décor items, and gift items are the copper products we manufacture. Our primary goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in the manufacture and exporting of high-quality copper goods and other items. We thrive in customer service, product quality, dedication, compliance, and a cost-effective rate structure. 

It will last a lifetime and numerous generations if properly cared for. Drinking from a copper pot has several health benefits, as you are all aware. The exterior of this pure copper water pot from ashtok has a lovely pattern. This pot's unusual shape makes it ideal and forgiving, and it will add a regal touch to your home and kitchen. Genuine copper kills germs and has been proven to be a treatment for weight loss, skin problems, aging, and a variety of other issues. Giving presents is an excellent method to demonstrate your sincerity and good intentions to someone. 



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