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Crystal diya, brass diya, Akhand Diya, Diwali Diya, Deepam, Tea Light Holder (Set of 10)

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Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022

Price: 4299

Country Of Origin : INDIA

Weight - 230 Gram

Height - 14 Cms

Diameter - 8 Cms

Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022

Price: 5309

Country Of Origin : INDIA

Weight - 130 Gram

Height - 16 Cms

Diameter - 9 Cms

Capacity - 290 Ml

Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022

Price: 6649

Country Of Origin : INDIA

Weight - 320 Gram

Height - 17 Cms

Diameter - 10 Cms


  • Each diya is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing intricate detailing and a blend of traditional and contemporary design.
  • Made from high-grade brass and premium crystals, this diya boasts durability and long-lasting beauty that will grace your home for years to come.
  • Perfect for religious ceremonies, festivals, or as a decorative piece, this diya seamlessly blends spiritual significance with aesthetic appeal.
  • Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with the soft, flickering glow produced by this diya, adding a touch of serenity to any room.
  • We are committed to providing you with a premium product. If you have any questions or concerns, our friendly customer service is ready to assist you.


Brass Crystal Oil Lamp Oval Shape, Tea Light Holder Lantern Diwali Gifts Home Decor Puja Lamp (Small)

Product Details: The Handcrafted Crystal Akhand Diya Light is a classic oil lamp used as a diya. The diya is an oil lamp that burns vegetable oil or ghee Indian butter and has been used as a decorative source of light since ancient times. After filling the lamp, insert a cotton wick and ignite it to illuminate the room. The lamps are used at festivals, but you can also use them as decorations in your house, such as in the living room or bedroom, or lay them on a dinner table instead of candles. 

This is a beautiful decorative design religious Oil Lamp that will give your home office puja space a distinctive and antique appearance. Brass Crystal Oil Lamp is used as a spiritual lucky gift, wedding, and Diwali decoration.

This product is used to light lamps using cotton wicks. It is a custom or practice to begin all auspicious ceremonies by lighting the lamp in order to create a spiritual atmosphere.

Package Contains: Set of 10

Care Instructions: Wet the Diya with water, sprinkle with pitambari powder for extra shine, wash well under running water, and wipe clean with a dry towel. Never use steel wool or wire mesh to clean glass; instead, use a sponge and liquid detergent.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.


  • Create a gentle cleaning solution using warm water and a mild dish soap. Mix a small amount of dish soap in a bowl of warm water until it forms a soapy solution. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the solution and wring it out thoroughly. Wipe the brass and crystal components of the diya with the damp cloth, being careful not to soak the materials. This method effectively removes light stains and grime without causing harm.
  • After cleaning with the soapy solution, use a separate cloth dampened with clean water to rinse off any soap residue. Ensure that you don't leave any water spots on the diya's surface. Once rinsed, use a dry, clean cloth to gently pat the diya dry. This step helps prevent water stains and spots from forming.
  • To restore the shine of the brass components, consider using a brass polishing solution. Apply a small amount of the polish to a soft cloth and gently rub it onto the brass surfaces of the diya. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on the polishing solution and make sure to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first.
  • To maintain the crystal's clarity, use a specialized glass or crystal cleaner. Apply a small amount of the cleaner to a soft cloth and gently wipe the crystal portions of the diya. Avoid excessive pressure to prevent scratching. Rinse the crystal thoroughly with clean water and pat dry with a lint-free cloth.
  • Once the diya is clean and dry, reassemble its components if they were detachable. Place a clean, non-abrasive cloth underneath the diya when assembling it to prevent scratches. Display your sparkling brass crystal diya in a dust-free area to enjoy its radiance.


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Crystal diya, brass diya, Akhand Diya, Diwali Diya, Deepam, Tea Light Holder (Set of 10)
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