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gandham ginni German silver

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Product Description:- 

Ashtok Gandham Ginni is crafted of German silver and features curved edges and pedestal support for the bowl.

Color: Silver Grey

Package Contains: Set of 2 German Silver Gandham Ginni

Benefits: The major benefit of the bowls set is that it comes with three bowls and a robust peacock design handle for carrying. Another advantage is that it is manufactured of German silver, which will last for centuries, and German silver utensils are premium.

Usage: Ideal for keeping sandalwood paste, which is used to introduce guests by putting sandalwood on their faces. It is also used to keep sandalwood, sindoor, and haldi in Pooja Mandirs (in-house temples). It comes in a variety of sizes dependent on the amount of space it can store.

Cleaning: To remove the hardened particles, clean the Gandham Ginni for around 15-20 minutes. Clean it lightly with soap and a scrubber before washing it. Use this approach to clean utensils whenever necessary.

Preservations: German silver is the greenest natural metal since it is the most environmentally friendly metal and one of the most easily recycled metals.

Legal Disclaimer: Since every piece is handmade, dimensions and weights may vary. All weights and dimensions are approximations.



gandham ginni German silver
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