German silver chopala Gift Item set of 4 bowls attached together. (Pack of 2)

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Product Description: The German Silver Chopala comes with 4 connected bowls and a carrying handle. To protect the user's hands while using them, the edges are non-abrasive. German silver gift item 4 Cups Panchyawala or kumkum holder that appears to be silver and is extremely elegant, well-finished, and durable. This kumkum container is used to store haldi kumkum at the pooja mandir. They are aimed at persons who value design, materials, and workmanship. 

Also used to give a gift for Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, and other occasions. Use it as the best welcome gift for weddings and other simple home celebrations.  It is ideal for giving a pure silver metal blessing to a new couple or a newborn. In Indian culture, there are several important haldi kumkum ceremonies. Kumkum is said to attract positive energy into the body, whereas Haldi is known for its healing properties.

Colour: Silver Grey

Product Size: 5 Inch 

Package Contains: Pack of 2

Benefits: The bowls set's main advantage is that it comes with four bowls and a sturdy peacock design handle for carrying. Another benefit is that it is made of German silver, which will last for generations, and German silver utensils are considered to be premium.

Usage: German Silver Bowls are ideal for doing pooja on a daily basis. A lovely wedding and celebration present, as well as a product to give away (return gift item) at such events.

Cleaning: Clean the chopala for around 15-20 minutes to loosen the hardened particles. Before washing it, gently clean it with soap and a scrubber. Use this method to clean utensils anytime you need to.

Preservations: German silver is the greenest natural metal since it is the most ecologically friendly metal and one of the most accessible metals to recycle.

Legal Disclaimer: Dimensions and weights may vary due to the handcrafted nature of each piece. All weights and measurements are estimates.

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German silver chopala Gift Item set of 4 bowls attached together. (Pack of 2)
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