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German Silver Peacock Diya, Puja Diya, Oil Lamp. Height - 4 Inches.

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Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022

Price: 309

Country Of Origin : INDIA

Weight - 60 Gram

Height - 4 Inch

Length - 3 Inch

Breadth - 2.5 Inch



Best Quality Pure German Silver Peacock Diya, Puja Diya, Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free throughout India.


The art of illumination holds a special place in various cultures around the world, symbolizing enlightenment, hope, and spirituality. Among the diverse forms of traditional lighting, the German Silver Peacock Diya stands out as a remarkable blend of aesthetics and craftsmanship. Originating from the rich cultural heritage of India, the Puja Diya is not just a source of light but a piece of art that embodies elegance, tradition, and cultural significance.

Home Decor and Gifting:

Beyond its ritualistic importance, the German Silver Peacock Diya serves as a captivating piece of home décor. Placed on shelves, mantles, or puja rooms, it adds a touch of timeless beauty to any living space. The diya's reflective surface catches and disperses light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Additionally, these diyas make for exceptional gifts, embodying a sense of culture and tradition that transcends borders.

Cultural Significance:

In Indian culture, lighting a diya holds deep spiritual significance. It is a common practice during festivals, ceremonies, and daily rituals. The German Silver Diya, with its exquisite design and craftsmanship, elevates these moments into a visual spectacle. The interplay of light and shadow created by the diya's intricate patterns not only evokes a sense of tranquility but also fosters an atmosphere of devotion and introspection.


The German Silver Diya is more than just a lighting accessory; it's a testament to the artistry, heritage, and spirituality of India. Its mesmerizing design and symbolism enrich homes with a sense of cultural depth, while its practicality as a source of light connects tradition with modernity. Whether adorning your living space or being presented as a thoughtful gift, the German Silver Diya illuminates not only physical spaces but also hearts and souls



German Silver Peacock Diya, Puja Diya, Oil Lamp. Height - 4 Inches.
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