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German Silver Pooja Diya, Oil Lamp. Diameter - 4 Inches.

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Mfd. Month/Year : Jan 2022

Price: 375

Country Of Origin : INDIA

Weight - 70 Gram

Height - 3 Inch

Diameter - 4 Inch



Best Quality Pure German Silver Pooja Diya, Oil Lamp Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free throughout India.


In the realm of sacred rituals and spiritual practices, the presence of a Pooja Diya holds immense significance. A Pooja Diya, also known as an oil lamp, is a symbol of divine illumination and an integral part of traditional Indian worship. Crafted with precision and artistry, the German Silver Pooja Diya stands as a captivating embodiment of timeless elegance, cultural heritage, and spiritual devotion.

Versatility in Utility:

The versatility of the Pooja Decorative Diya is another captivating aspect. While traditionally used for religious ceremonies, it also finds its place as a decorative piece, adding an aura of elegance and grace to homes, temples, and meditation spaces. Its timeless design seamlessly blends with various décor styles, be it traditional, contemporary, or eclectic.

Symbolism and Spiritual Significance:

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Oil Lamp holds profound spiritual symbolism. The diya represents the dispelling of darkness through light, both in a literal and metaphorical sense. Lighting the diya during worship rituals is believed to invoke divine blessings, purify the surroundings, and create a serene and spiritually charged ambiance.


The German Silver Pooja Diya is more than just an ornamental piece; it is a conduit between the material and the divine. With its exquisite craftsmanship, symbolic significance, and versatility, it adds a touch of timeless elegance to sacred rituals and living spaces alike. As a beacon of light and spirituality, this diya continues to kindle the flames of devotion and illuminate hearts, transcending time and culture. Embrace the radiance of the German Silver Pooja Diya and invite its enchanting glow into your spiritual journey and everyday life.



German Silver Pooja Diya, Oil Lamp. Diameter - 4 Inches.
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