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Idli Cooker of 3 Plates. Idli Maker, Make 17 Idlis at a time, Colour Steel Grey, Capacity 3 Plates, Pack of 1.

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Aluminium Idli Steamer, Idli Maker with Tin Coated Inner Side.

Having Idli's for breakfast is expected in the Southern part of India and some other countries. They are suitable for health, and some people have them daily as lite food before having breakfast. Having an Idli Cooker at home is the best option.

Product Details: The Idli Cooker has a flat bottom and a lid. It comes with 3 plates stand which will hold the idli dough, and in total, it can make 17 Idlis at a time. The sizes are chosen in a way they are helpful for everyday use at home. The Idli Cooker has a smooth glossy finish on them, and its edges are made nonabrasive so that they don't hurt the hands while using it. Its shape is ergonomically designed, which best suits its purpose.

Color: Silvery White

Capacity: 3 Plates (17 Idlis).

Package Contains: 1 Aluminium Idli Cooker with 3 Plate Set

Benefits: Stainless is one of the materials that humanity has been utilizing for quite a while. Aluminum utensils are utilized for preparing food, serving food, and putting away water and other eatable things. Remembering its advantages and with cutting-edge innovation, Ashtok made everyday usable Aluminum Idli cookers. It is protected to utilize Aluminum utensils and doesn't have any aftereffects. It is an incentive for cash and speculation for a lifetime

Usage: Prepare the Idli dough, then put it on the plates provided. Fix the plate stand and put it in the bowl. Put some water in it and close the lid. Your delicious Idlis will be ready in 10 to 15 minutes. Serve them hot and enjoy.

Cleaning: It is easier to clean them also. Rinse the utensils for a few minutes for 15-20min so that the dried food loosens off. With soap and a scrubber, gently clean it and then wash it with water. Follow this method whenever the utensil needs cleaning.

Preservation: To make their life longer, always dry them after washing them with a cotton cloth and keep them in a dry place.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.



Idli Cooker of 3 Plates. Idli Maker, Make 17 Idlis at a time, Colour Steel Grey, Capacity 3 Plates, Pack of 1.
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