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Brass Cooking Spoon Set, Cooking ladle, Brass ladle Spoon Set of 3.

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Pure Brass Cooking and Serving Spoons

Product Details: A brass cooking spoon set typically refers to a set of kitchen utensils that are made from brass. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. These types of cooking spoons are often used for cooking and serving food, and can come in various sizes and shapes, such as slotted spoons, ladles, and skimmers. They are also often used for decorative purposes in traditional kitchens. Some people prefer a brass cooking spoon set because it is more durable than other metals.

Ashtok Premium Set of 3 Cooking Spoons made of Brass. We don't realize how our life would be without having spoons invented. They are an integral part of our lives. Be it eating or cooking or serving, we need spoons in our daily lives, and we cannot imagine life without them.

The Spoons set consists of 1 Skimmer, 1 Ladle, and 1 Solid Turner. These are made of the best quality brass. It has a handcrafted design on its surface. Brass is one of the materials that humankind has been using for some time. Brass utensils are in use for cooking food and storing water etc. Keeping its benefits in mind and with advanced technology, Ashtok made daily usable Brass Cooking Spoons. It is value for money and an investment for a lifetime.

Benefits: Brass Spoons are handy in kitchens. It is best suited to serving and cooking. It is a must-have in every house.

Cleaning: Brass gets cleaned easily with dishwashing soaps if they are used in the Kitchen. Apply the soap and leave the Spoons for a few minutes. After 15-20min, scrub it well, rinse away the water from the Spoons & Clean it with normal water. Follow this method whenever the Spoons need cleaning.

Preservation: Brass does not need any special care for its protection, but rinsed with a cotton cloth after washing will keep it stain-free. Always try to keep the Spoons dry for their longer life. Brass is the friendliest metal in the environment and one of the metals that is easy to recycle, making it the greenest natural metal. Buy the Spoons to experience the benefits. The Spoons would be the best gift item on casual occasions.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.



Brass Cooking Spoon Set, Cooking ladle, Brass ladle Spoon Set of 3.
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