Mandi Plate, Thala Stainless Steel With 3 Bowls Arabian Mandi Plate Diameter 26 Inches

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Stainless Steel Large Plate with 3 Bowls:

Product Description: Ashtok created a daily-use Stainless Steel Serving and Dining Plate with 3 bowls. Because it is composed of stainless steel, it is both sturdy and long-lasting. When hot food is placed on the plate, the collar is stretched to make it simpler to handle. The edges of the utensils are blunted to avoid injury to the hands. Its form is ergonomically intended to best serve its purpose.

The main benefit of the dinner set is that it is made of stainless steel and will last for the rest of your life and generations to come. Consider planning a party and requiring a huge plate to serve food on. The Ashtok Serving and Dining Plate is a great place to start. A large plate is always handy to have on hand for any occasion or celebration.

A Mandi plate is a traditional Middle Eastern serving platter that is used to serve a type of rice dish called "Mandi." The dish is made of meat, usually, chicken or lamb, that is slow-cooked in a special oven called a "Tandoor" and served over a bed of fragrant rice. The Mandi plate is typically large, round, and made of stainless steel, and it often has a raised edge to contain the rice and meat. It is commonly used in Arabian cuisine and is a traditional way of serving Mandi. The dish is typically garnished with nuts, raisins, and spices, and is usually served with yogurt or a spicy tomato sauce.

Color: Steel Grey

Size: 26 Inch

Package Contains: 1 Stainless Steel Mandi Plate and 3 Bowls

"Ashtok Stainless Steel. The item is highly durable, elegant, and a wonderful addition to your Home use.

Usage: Stainless steel utensils are safe to use and have no negative side effects, unlike plastic. Simply place the food on the dish and serve it using a spoon.

Cleaning: Rinse the utensils for a few minutes for 15-20 minutes to release the dried food. Gently clean it with soap and a scrubber, then rinse it with water. Use this approach whenever a utensil has to be cleaned.

Preservations: Stainless steel is the most environmentally friendly metal and one of the most accessible metals to recycle, making it the greenest natural metal.

Legal Disclaimer: Dimensions and weights may vary because each item is handmade. All weights and measurements are estimates.

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Mandi Plate, Thala Stainless Steel With 3 Bowls Arabian Mandi Plate Diameter 26 Inches
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