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Patila Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Tope with lid

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Stainless Steel Copper Bottom Tope with Lid:

Product Details: Ashtok's elegant design stainless steel copper bottom gas stove-friendly tope/cookware set. Copper near the bottom of the Patila/Tope prevents food from burning. It has a very beautiful finish, uses less gas, saves oil, cooks faster, and looks fantastic in the kitchen. This tope Set comes in a variety of sizes, so it may meet all of your kitchen needs.

It makes cooking more convenient and simple since one tope may be used to prepare a variety of recipes. These Copper Bottom Stainless Steel topes have an attractive appearance and will add darkness to your dining table for serving.

Because of its high quality, the utensil is extremely sturdy, long-lasting, and rust-free. It is perfect for everyday usage on your gas stove. It saves energy, heats evenly, so food doesn't cling to the pan, and cooks faster.

Its distinctive mirror finish luster makes it suitable for dinnerware. The polished surface adds to the stylish appearance of your kitchen. You may depend on them for long-term usage because of attributes such as beauty and durability. Because of copper's great heat conductivity, copper bottom pots are used for cooking. Copper cookware distributes heat more evenly than conventional pots. Because copper effectively holds heat, the meal stays warm for a longer length of time, allowing you to keep it.

Product Capacity: 
1 Litre, 1.5 Litre, 2 Litre, 2.5 Litre, 3 Litre, 4 Litre, 5 Litre, 6 Litre, 7 Litre

Cleaning: It is simple and easy to clean and maintain this tope. It is simple to clean; simply add liquid soap and scrape to clean and extend the life of this tope.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.



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