Stainless Steel Masala Box/Dabba With Lid, Spoon, And 7 Cup Bowls.

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Ashtok Stainless Steel Spice/Masala Box/Dabba with Lid, Spoon, and 7 Cup Bowls Inside It.

Product Details: India is famous for its spices around the world. Almost 6 to 7 spices on average in all dishes on daily basis in the sub-continent. So, it is quite difficult to keep all the spices in separate boxes. If we can have all the spices in one single box. Then it will make life easier. The box is made of thick stainless steel sheets. The sizes of the cups are such that they get fixed in the box and are not easily movable. This will prevent the spices from spilling out of the box.

Colour: Steel Grey.

Size: 7 Inches, 8 Inches, and 9 Inches.

Package Contains: 1 Stainless Steel Masala Box with Lid and Spoon comes with 7 Cup Bowls Inside It.

Benefits: It is used in the manufacturing of utensils for ages. Stainless Steel is rustproof, it is safe, environment friendly, and recyclable, unlike iron which gets rusted with oxidation. Stainless Steel has a longer life than other metals or alloys and has zero maintenance. If properly used, it can be used for years and is a value for money.

Usage: Stainless Steel Spice Box is a premium Spice Box that can be used for special occasions. Treat your guest with pride in stainless steel serveware at festivals.

Cleaning: After usage washes the box with normal soap and dry it before keeping it in the cupboard. If not in use keep the box in a place where there is less moisture. The Stainless Steel Masala Box can be gifted on any occasion like housewarming etc. It can be a showpiece to decorate the house on special occasions.

Preservation: Stainless Steel is the friendliest metal in the environment and is easy to recycle, making it the greenest natural metal. To make its life longer, always dry them after washing with a cotton cloth and keep them in a dry place. If items are not in use, store them in a dry place in a dry plastic bag.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.

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Stainless Steel Masala Box/Dabba With Lid, Spoon, And 7 Cup Bowls.
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