Stainless Steel Water Tank, Steel Pavali /Corrosion Resistant Drum for Storing Water.

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Stainless Steel Water Tank, Drinkware:

Product Details: The Tank is wider at the base and narrow at the top, with a wide collar for easy handling. It is an elegant Pot that is used to store water. It is made of a thick stainless steel sheet that can withstand high temperatures.

Who doesn't want to try out something different? I am sure everyone wants to serve something new to their loved ones at home. Ashtok has brought a fantastic Water Tank for your home.

Colour: Steel Grey. 

Capacity: 25 Liters, 30 Liters, and 40 Liters

Package Contains: 1 Stainless Steel Water Tank

Benefits: It is used in the manufacturing of utensils for ages. Stainless Steel is rustproof, safe, environment-friendly, and recyclable, unlike iron which gets rusted with oxidation. Stainless Steel has a longer life than other metals or alloys and has zero maintenance. If properly used, it can be used for years and is a value for money.

Usage: Stainless Steel Tank is used in the kitchen to Store the Water. The Water Storage Tank is a utensil that is a must-have in any house.

Cleaning: Stainless Steel could get black Stains if not used often. Brass gets easily cleaned up as well with the help of lemon or simple chemicals. After usage, wash the pot with ordinary soap and dry it before keeping it in the cupboard. If not in use, keep the pot in a place where there is less moisture.

Preservation: Stainless Steel does not need any special care for its preservation, but if it is rinsed with a cotton cloth after washing will keep it stain-free. Stainless Steel is the friendliest metal in the environment and one of the metals that is easy to recycle, making it the greenest natural metal. Buy the dekchi pot to experience the benefits.

Legal Disclaimer:  As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.

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Stainless Steel Water Tank, Steel Pavali /Corrosion Resistant Drum for Storing Water.
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