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Is brass utensil good for cooking ?

Is brass utensil good for cooking ?

Is brass utensil good for cooking ?

Certain practices were carried out in ancient times however with the lapse of the time these practices have now become a thing of the past. One of the best examples is the use of the best brass utensils for various purposes like cooking and storing water and groceries. The use of these best brass utensils not only has spiritual and mythological importance but is also very important to maintain one's health. Best brass utensils comprised of 70% copper and 30% zinc. The zinc content present in these best brass utensils helps in building immunity.

Brass cookware are very good for health the food cooked in these utensils is very healthy. From our ancient Indian society brass utensils were used to cook food. These were used to kill germs the same is proven by modern science.

 1. Brass Hammered Khalai Tope :
Brass hammered Khalai Tope
2. Brass Hammered Kadai :
Brass Hammered Kadai

Benefits of the Best Brass Utensils:

  1. Brass utensils prevent abdominal infections and intestinal ailments to a great extent.
  2. The brass utensils are considered to be 100% pure and safe for health. The natural oils released while cooking in these brass utensils add a unique flavor to the food.
  3. Since the best brass utensils are a combination of zinc and copper these contain the benefits of both these metals.
  4. Whereas the zinc element present in these brass utensils help sharpen the memory, purify the blood, and much more.

Precautions to be Maintained while Using Brass Utensils:

  1. Sour and acidic things like curd, cheddar, etc should not be kept or served even in the best brass utensils.
  2. Sometimes these utensils might have arsenic and lead content which might leach into the food while cooking, thus it is always advisable to get the best brass utensils from a reputed brand or manufacturer.
  3. The tin coating over the best brass utensils needs to be replenished at regular intervals.

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