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Brass Holi Pichkari

Brass Holi Pichkari

Holi is one of the most exciting and enthusiastically celebrated festivals in India. Everyone, from children to teenagers to adults, celebrates Holi with great delight by flinging colors at each other. Colors are mixed in the water and sprinkled on each other with holi water guns or pichkaris. The most enjoyable part of the Holi event is the use of water guns.

People usually buy ordinary plastic pichkaris. However, the plastic material may be harmful to use and may not be long-lasting, stain-resistant, sturdy, or appealing. 

Ashtok designed and manufactured the brass holi pichkari. You can buy the best quality holi pichkari at Our Online Store. Brass pichkaris are strong, durable, stain resistant, and safe to use. Here is an elegant brass Water Gun Online with proper water pressure.

This brass Pichkari has a strong handle for pulling and pushing a grip holder for holding it tight and straight and a detachable water outlet. You may easily open that outlet and remove the color stains from the inside. The water pressure in the water gun is neither too high nor too low; it is ideal. The design of the brass pichkari is elegant and appealing. It is suitable for both children and adults because of its appearance. So, this Holi, be unique and use Brass Pichkari!

The brass pressure water gun toy is intended for the Holi celebration. It is safe to use and is suitable for usage during the Holi festival or other traditional color-playing activities. The pump is made up of a water-holding cylinder, a nozzle, and a handle attached to the cylinder by a rod. It also has an air intake.

The procedure is also simple; first, fill a bucket with water. Dip the nozzle of the pichkari into a bucket of water. Pull back on the handle now. The cylinder is filled with water. While pointing at the target, move the handle forward. The nozzle emits a spray of water.

Brass provides similar health advantages as copper since it is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass represents pride, wealth, and beauty. It has historically been utilized in the production of utensils.  Brass, unlike iron, does not rust with oxidation and is therefore rustproof, safe, environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

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