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Copper Irani Chai Set

Copper Irani Chai Set

Copper Irani Chai Set

The Irani Chai Set is very popular in Hyderabad. Ashtok is the oldest and best manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Irani chai sets. This Irani Chai set is made of copper, and it has a silver coating inside called khalai or tin coating, to keep tea safe and healthy. The Copper Irani Chai set is only made in Hyderabad.

The Irani tea set includes three items. 1. Copper Handa 2. Copper Patila and 3. Copper Dabba with Brass Tap. Milk is boiled separately in patila, and black tea is prepared in a separate copper dish called handa before being put on the Dabba for serving.

Copper Irani Chai Set
"Chai" in India comes in a variety of brown (or pink!) colors, densities, and tastes, just like Indian food; it differs in the ways it is served, poured, produced, and the ingredients used from North to South, East to West, and not many people realize it also varies in the ways it is consumed.

Irani Chai is a Hyderabad tradition that has been a part of the city's culture for over a century, and we had the opportunity to experience it on our most recent Rural Escape in Telangana. Iranian migrants established Irani Cafes around the city, and the tea served there became known as Irani Chai. However, the Irani chai of half decoction and half milk exemplifies the wonders and delectability of evolving and mixing cultures.

The dum process:
Unlike traditional Indian chai, which boils the tea leaves and milk together, Irani chai prepares the tea and milk in separate vessels. The powerful decoction of infused tea powder and sugar is held in this pot using a cooking technique known as dum, which means it is closed and airtight so the flavors concentrate within the pot.

Separately, the milk is reduced and heated for a few hours in a patila until the sugars caramelize, imparting a nutty flavor and a little pink tint. It also thickens, giving it a creamier, velvety feel. ⁠ Green cardamoms or ginger are frequently used to enhance flavor.
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