Copper Masala Spice Box with Khalai (tin) Inside Bowls, Masala containers for Kitchen
Copper Spice Container Product Details: Ashtok Copper Masala Box with Khalai in side bowls. Kitchen masala containers are handcrafted from 100% pure copper sheet, with a glossy shine, and an attractive look. Copper masala boxes, also known as dabbas, are traditional...
₹13,698 from ₹6,849
Pure Copper Embossed Pan Daan
Pure Copper Embossed Pan Daan Product Details: The Copper pan daan is made of pure copper and has a traditional handcrafted design. The Paan Masala box is divided into two halves by a copper plate. The top portion may be used to store...
₹10,298 ₹5,149
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