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German silver Chopala, Haldi kumkum handcrafted bowl, gift item
Product Details: German silver bowls look exactly like silver and are incredibly attractive, well-finished, and long-lasting. This bowl was used to keep haldi kumkum at the pooja temple. They are designed for those who seek value in design, materials, and craftsmanship....
₹ 30,000 from ₹ 14,099
German Silver Devi Face, Decorative Face
Best Quality Pure German Silver Devi Face, Decorative Face Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Introduction: Embodying spirituality, elegance, and artistry, our German Silver Lakshmi Devi Face stands as a testament to the fusion...
₹ 1,599 ₹ 999
German Silver handi, Silver Sweet Bowl, Silver Tie Handi, Return Gift Item (Dia 4.5 Inches)
German Silver Kumkum Bowl Product Details: German silver bowls look exactly like silver and are incredibly attractive, well-finished, and long-lasting. At the pooja mandir, this dish was used to keep haldi kumkum. They are intended for those who seek value in design,...
₹ 150,000 from ₹ 79,599
German Silver Nakshee Design Panchpatra Diameter - 3 Inches
Best Quality Pure German Silver Nakshee Design Panchpatra. Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Introduction: In the realm of traditional Indian rituals and ceremonies, the Panchpatra holds a significant place. As an essential part of...
₹ 3,410 from ₹ 1,799
German Silver Gandham Ginni with Elephant Design Legs
Gandham Ginni or Sandalwood paste bowl with Elephant Legs Product Details: Gandham Ginni is made of German silver and is engraved with a flowery design. It has elephant legs as pedestal support. Because the elephant represents good luck, wisdom, and wealth, the...
₹ 1,599 ₹ 899
German silver chopala Gift Item set of 4 bowls attached together (Pack of 2 Pcs)
Product Description: The German Silver Chopala comes with 4 connected bowls and a carrying handle. To protect the user's hands while using them, the edges are non-abrasive. German silver gift item 4 Cups Panchyawala or kumkum holder that appears to be silver...
₹ 6,758 ₹ 3,399
German Silver Peacock Diya Oil lamp Samayi with Peacock Top, Diya Set of 2 Pcs
Ashtok German Silver Deepam (Oil Lamp) Product Description:-  Made by the best artisans using high-quality German silver. This ancient piece of home decor features a beautifully detailed peacock on top, which also serves as a diya stand. This design's regal character...
₹ 7,498 ₹ 3,799
German Silver Pooja Thali Set, Puja Plate Set, Set of 10 Items, Colour - Silvery White.
German Silver Pooja Thali Set Product Details:  This Pooja thali is made up of German Silver. Items Included are - 1. Pooja Plate - 1 Pc, 2. Panchpatra - 1 Pc, 3. Pali - 1 Pc, 4. Bell - 1...
₹ 4,518 ₹ 2,259
German Silver Chopala Gift Item Set Of 3 Bowls Attached (Pack of 2 Pcs)
Pack German Silver Kum Kum Holder Product Details: Elevate your religious rituals and add a touch of sophistication to your pooja mandir with the exquisite German Silver Chopala, Panchpal, Haldi Kumkum Holder 3 Bowl Stand. This intricately designed piece combines...
₹ 4,958 ₹ 3,199
German Silver Pooja Plate, Puja ki Thali, Designer Fancy Metal Tray
German Silver Pooja Thali Product Details: This Pooja plate is made of German silver and has a laser flower pattern. The plate's edge is embossed with a handcrafted design. This puja plate has an appealing mirror shiny surface. Ideal for praying...
₹ 898 from ₹ 549
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