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Meenakari Thali Plate, Stainless Steel Thali Parat, Marrage Decoration Item
Product Description: A steel meenakari plate is a decorative plate made of steel that is decorated with Meenakari enamel work. Meenakari is a form of art in which metal surfaces are decorated with bright colors and patterns? The steel plates are...
₹ 6,699 from ₹ 4,499
Brass Pita, Chowki, Choki traditional brass handcrafted sheet, Marriage Pita, Choki 2 Piece Set
Ashtok Wooden Peeta With Beautiful Handcrafted Brass Sheet Work Product Description: The Peeta/Table is constructed made of wood. It stands on two legs. The top of the table is covered with a metal sheet with Rajwadi handcrafter working on it. It...
₹ 7,098 from ₹ 3,549
Meenakari Peetha
₹ 2,999 ₹ 1,600
Meenakari Peetha
Peetha for Pooja/Marriage Product Details: The Ashtok Pita Chowki is composed of wood and has a 100% pure brass sheet covered with mina work and a lacquer polished finish. This is a premium high-quality product with a long shelf life. This product...
₹ 2,999 ₹ 1,600
Meenakari Chowki Stool
₹ 3,499 ₹ 1,999
Meenakari Chowki Stool
Meenakari design holds an unparalleled charm in traditional Indian craftsmanship. When it comes to weddings and religious ceremonies, the essence of cultural richness intertwines with spirituality. A pivotal element in these occasions is the Puja Chowki or Puja Stool, adorned...
₹ 3,499 ₹ 1,999
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Meenakari Chowki, Meenakari Chocker.
Traditional Design Meenakari Chowki Square Shape Product Details: Ashtok Chowki Square shape with Brass Handcrafted Meena designed sheet is manufactured with 100% pure brass thin sheet utilized with digital actual embossing with a high degree of precision, lacquer finish shine, very...
₹ 1,098 from ₹ 549
Brass Hanging Bell Brass Pooja Room Door Bell, Brass home decoration (Pack of 6)
Ashtok Brass Hanging Bell, Premium Decorative Bell for Temple on Special Occasions. Product Details: Ashtok has bought you premium brass bells for the decoration of temples and homes. Brass decorative bell with an antique finish and a wonderful blend of pure brass. With the...
₹ 2,990 ₹ 1,495
Brass Sweet Plate handcrafted Bowl, Brass Plate, Gift Item (Dia 5 Inches)
Pure Brass Sweet Plate with Flower Embossed Design Product Details: In a world where beauty meets functionality, the Handmade Brass Sweet Plate stands out as a timeless piece of art. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this exquisite...
₹ 66,000 from ₹ 33,880
Brass Bowl, Brass Decorative bowl, Best Return Gift item (Dia 5 Inches)
Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl With Handles Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl with handles is made and manufactured with 100% Pure Brass, thin sheet, a product with digital real cutting and embossing with a high level of accuracy, heavy gauge parath...
₹ 35,000 from ₹ 17,080
Chowki for Puja, Pure Brass Sheet Handcrafted Chowki, 4 Sided Rectangle Chowki
Brass Sheet Wooden Chowki Product Details: Ashtok Brass Sheet Handcrafted Chowki 4 Side Rectangle Design. Product from Ashtok Pure Brass Handcrafted Chowki with Brass Sheet on the wooden stool is Handcrafted and designed with 100% Pure Brass Sheet on a wooden...
₹ 9,898 ₹ 4,949
Brass Bell, Brass Pooja Bell Ghanti For Home Temple Decoration (Height 6.5 Inches)
Brass Temple Pooja Bell Product Details: Ashtok Brass Pooja Bell is a high-quality brass bell made of 100% pure brass metal with a glossy shine. A molded brass bell that has been handcrafted. This Heavyweight Brass Bell is long-lasting and produces a...
₹ 5,499 ₹ 2,749
German Silver Kum Kum Box, Kum Kum Box handcrafted, best Sindoor box, Gift Item
Product Description :  Ashtok Product Pure Brass Silver Coated Kum Kum Box is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass thick sheet used with digital real embossing with a high level of accuracy, which is lacquer finish polish, Highly durable,...
₹ 2,530 ₹ 1,265
German Silver Lota handcrafted, Kalash, Pooja Lota, Puja Lota, Karwachauth Lota Capacity 500 ml for Diwali, Mandir, Temple, Festival, Marriage, Wedding
Ashtok Pure Brass Lota, brass Nakshi lota Product Details: Brass Lota Silver Design Brass Pooja Kalash Chambu Lota Brass Silver Coated Kalash is Traditionally designed and handcrafted in accordance with Indian culture. It is not only utilized for religion in Indian culture...
₹ 4,068 ₹ 2,034
KumKum Box Brass Leaf Set, Jewellery Box, His and Her Ring Box, Length 7 Inches
Beautiful design Pure Brass Sindoor box Kum Kum Set Product Details: Brass Sindoor Box Set of TWO in leaf pattern is designed and manufactured with 100% pure Brass Sheet, digital actual embossing with a high level of precision, glossy finish polish, very durable...
₹ 60,390 from ₹ 25,850
Sold Out
Brass Pooja Plate, Pooja ki Thali round shape
Brass Parat, Pooja Thali for Special Occasions. Every human being wants to have a Spiritual Connection with the Almighty, and Prayer is the best way to have that Spiritual Connection. We try to make those prayers auspicious and as traditional...
₹ 4,288 from ₹ 2,144
Copper Pot/ Matka, Ashtalakshmi Kodam Ghada
Copper Ashta Lakshmi Kodam Ghada Product Details: A copper water pot or Copper Ghada is coming with Goddess Lakshmi's figure printed on it. It is made with a heavy gauge copper sheet and has a firm base. It comes with a Glossy finish that...
₹ 5,168 from ₹ 2,584
Brass Antique Urli Stand, Elephant Pillar Design Leg, Pooja Brass Chowki - Uruli Stand with Bells
Antique Brass Stool with Elephant Legs Product Details: The Brass Stool is an antique design with three elephant legs. This Brass Chowki is decorated with floral art and elephant-shaped pillars for an attractive look that adds to its elegance. Due to its ancient appearance, it...
₹ 4,773 ₹ 3,409
German Silver Pooja Thali Set, Puja Plate Set, Set of 10 Items, Colour - Silvery White.
German Silver Pooja Thali Set Product Details:  This Pooja thali is made up of German Silver. Items Included are - 1. Pooja Plate - 1 Pc, 2. Panchpatra - 1 Pc, 3. Pali - 1 Pc, 4. Bell - 1...
₹ 4,518 ₹ 2,259
German Silver Pooja Plate, Puja ki Thali, Designer Fancy Metal Tray
German Silver Pooja Thali Product Details: This Pooja plate is made of German silver and has a laser flower pattern. The plate's edge is embossed with a handcrafted design. This puja plate has an appealing mirror shiny surface. Ideal for praying...
₹ 898 from ₹ 549
German Silver Attardani /Paneer Dani
German Silver Attardani /Paneer Dani Product Details: Paneer Dani is made of German silver and is engraved from top to bottom with a flower motif. It includes a dispenser on top and pedestal support on the bottom to securely hold the...
₹ 1,959 from ₹ 1,259
German Silver Gift Item, Designer Leaf Shape Tray
German Silver Designer Leaf Shape Tray Product Details: German Silver Designer Fancy Tray Leaf Shape  Beautifully crafted from German silver sheet with digital cutting, polishing the beautiful decorative basket, silver gloss mirror finish, graceful and stylish look, High-quality and simple to...
₹ 1,898 from ₹ 949
German Silver Gandham Ginni with Elephant Design Legs
Gandham Ginni or Sandalwood paste bowl with Elephant Legs Product Details: Gandham Ginni is made of German silver and is engraved with a flowery design. It has elephant legs as pedestal support. Because the elephant represents good luck, wisdom, and wealth, the...
₹ 1,599 ₹ 899
Brass Donthulu, Best Home Decor Donthulu, Brass handcrafted pooja pots
Stripe designed Donthulu:  Product Details: Donthulu is a set of pots of various sizes arranged one on top of the other made of brass and handmade with etched stripes. Brass Donthulu is used during Golu (Bombala koluvu in Telugu), one of...
₹ 1,469 ₹ 1,129
Brass Pooja bell, Brass pooja hand bell, Pooja Bell Online, Brass Hand Bell (Height 3 Inches)
Brass Hand Bell  Product Details: A Ghanti is a Hindu bell used in ceremonies. Buddhist bells are also referred to by the same word. The bell is often made of brass. When rung, a clapper attached to the interior emits a...
₹ 879 ₹ 549
Flower Basket, Plain Stripe Butti, Temple Basket,
Plain Stripe Butti  Product Details: Pure Brass Pooja Basket or Pooja Butti The brass puja basket also has a brass handle for easy carrying. Brass Butti is used for transporting pooja equipment to the temple. Inside this pooja basket, one may...
₹ 200,000 from ₹ 100,710

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